Dependent And Independent Clauses

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The key if what you should be practicing is putting clauses inside clauses dependent clauses inside independent clauses which work with an independent clause dependent inside dependent working with independent again I know it  not easy all of this stuff will be laid out in more detail in separate videos but for now I just want you to be able to look at this at least I want you to recognize what is happening now a lot of you will be doing a lot of very heavy reading very academic reading this is the kind of stuff you  going to see this is the kind of stuff you  going to have to work with and analyze and basically separate into its different pieces so that you understand the message remember the independent clause always carries the core message.

Everything else is modifying everything else is adding information changing relationships etc you have to understand how to look at this compound now generally I don’t recommend making a basic compound sentence into an elaborate one it  very easy to get to make mistakes here if you want to add an extra independent clause go ahead generally I tried personally when I write I try not to have three independent clauses in one sentence I’ll have two and then I’ll put a third one into its own sentence with other in information it  very easy to get confused it  very easy to make the reader confused but regular exercise helps to build muscles in a proper diet provides these muscles with the nutrients for this growth so very basic – very basic independent clauses now if you want to add some sort of variety and if you want to make it a little bit more elaborate don’t worry about too many clauses change the style of the writing change the elements you  using so instead of regular exercise exercise being a simple noun I change it to a gerund exercising regularly regular becomes regularly exercise becomes exercising helps the body build muscles.

Now because I changed the first one to a gerund and I have end I want to have a parallel structure it creates a bit more of a balance it creates a bit of more a better flow for the reader so and eating properly allows these muscles to get the nutrients necessary for sustained growth I’m adding a little bit more sustained growth instead of just growth.
okay I’m giving a little bit making a little bit more detailed rich so a person needs to do both in order to maintain a fit physique and I’m giving you a concluding conclusion another independent clause three independent clauses again that  more of a writer  choice I personally don’t like to do it not wrong if you want to go ahead compound-complex many legal experts believe her story and they think that the Attorney General has a duty to investigate okay many leak legal experts believe her story independent clause and they think so.