How To Write A Killer Thesis Statement

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First of all what do we mean by a killer thesis statement did this thing be armed and dangerous well kinda no we don’t want to see your thesis statement show up on the evening news but your thesis statement should aim to kill with eloquence suspense intrigue originality and clarity.

Here’s an example humans are not genetically required to be meat eaters the vegetarianism is the only moral choice to avoid the senseless killing of animals it states a valid point expresses a strong opinion and can be supported with facts doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true but it can definitely be debated a thesis statement is that thing at the very beginning of your paper that tells your reader what this whole thing is going to be about right out of the gate it tells your reader roughly what elements you will develop in the coming paragraphs and exactly how you feel about it.

The thesis is the most important part of your essay it’s the heart soul and brain of your paper once you’ve got that puppy figured out you’re at least halfway home how do you get to this promised land well first you got to establish an issue or problem think humankind’s negative effects on rainforest the factors that enable politicians to become corrupt our room the slow death of the film industry anything ripe for the picking and preferably something that is not without a little controversy.

The thesis shouldn’t be something like the Sun makes it hot outside because you’re not going to hear much argument from anyone on that point instead it should be something interesting something that perhaps your reader hasn’t previously considered don’t hold back go right for the gut to make sure you’ve got an interesting topic ask yourself questions someone else might ask you play devil’s advocate with yourself until you’re certain you’ve covered all the bases is it something only you would find interesting like how affects your what your dog is right after you finish walking him or would it appeal to a wide range of readers like Oh anything having to do with the primetime television or what’s their name the Kardashians is it something that can be argued empirically like the rise and fall of the stock market or is it pretty much just going to be pure opinion like what the best color is if in mind that you’re not just laying down the facts you also want to get your message across so be sure to express your thoughts on the issue take a strong position.

It’s not enough to stay fit for the last 20 years America has actually become more racist than it was in the 1990s if your position is that hmm yeah maybe I don’t know could be who cares it’s an intriguing proposition but it’s not going to go anywhere if you plan on being wishy-washy either argue strongly for or against the idea it’s the only way you’re going to bring your reader to their knees so what’s a good thesis and what’s a bad one okay here we go good thesis world travel is an essential element in any young person well-rounded education bad thesis there are some great places to visit in Europe good thesis more than anything else in our society videogames are responsible for the dumbing of America bad thesis poopoo or gum good thesis when an elderly person is deciding on a pet adopting a cat is a far better option than adopting a dog bad thesis that’s rule dogs rule get the idea.

It should be broad enough that a large portion of your audience will be able to relate but specific enough that you can zero in on a particular topic and really dissect it finally you can’t just state your thesis drop the mic and walk offstage you’ll need to bring some supporting points to the table to be prepared to back your thesis up with some actual factual pieces of evidence and while quality is certainly more valuable in quantity have at least three supporting points any less and your thesis is going to be a bit flimsy put all this together and you should have a killer thesis statement if you’re absolutely stumped and can’t come up with one on your own you can borrow ours it gets out on parole in about three months big fat review 1 establish an issue or problem to express your own opinion on the issue 3 introduce supporting topics for have at least three supporting points rough earth.