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★ How to write a Text-Based Argumentative Essay: Step-by-step organization lessons with Cornell Notes, graphic organizers, models and interactive notebook activities. There are two original texts about Easter Island included.

★ How to write a Text-Based Informative Essay with step-by-step organization lessons complete with graphic organizers, models, interactive notebook dabbles and Cornell notes all along the way. Two original texts about food are included along with a great checklist that can be used as a rubric.

★ Parts of an Essay Visual System with Mnemonic + Flip book: Display the parts of an essay on an “anchor wall” as students create a portable version in a flip book.

Whether used with whole-class instruction, small groups, academic intervention services, tutoring, or for independent reading, this packet is designed to prompt students to think deeply about the text and to show evidence of their thinking.

Additional skills in this packet include essay writing service free identifying and explaining the use of: protagonist, antagonist, tone, problems and resolutions, predictions, sensory details, foreshadowing, flashback, metaphor, simile, personification, alliteration, and dramatization.

Please note this packet is not intended to be a list of comprehension questions specific to the novel. It is instead designed to foster close reading, critical thinking, and meaningful writing by pushing students to move beyond comprehension and delve deeply into understanding, applying, analyzing, and evaluating. This truly pushes students to show evidence of their thinking while reading, and helps them develop wonderful metacognition skills while preparing them for the close reading and meaningful writing they need to master to succeed on standardized tests.

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